We are changing our name

We are changing our name to Santander International. The Santander branch in Jersey changed its name in December 2016 and we'll operate under one brand across the two islands going forward. Our new name, Santander International, better reflects the international products and services we offer our Channel Island and Isle of Man customers as well as our overseas customers looking for international banking services. It also helps differentiate ourselves from Santander UK's high street branches.

Over the coming months we will be introducing Santander International branded products and services which provide a wide choice of Sterling, US Dollar and Euro denominated accounts.

During this transition phase, existing customers may receive documentation from us under the Santander name or the Santander International name. This change of name will not have any other impact for existing customers of the Isle of Man branch of Santander UK plc. Accounts will continue to operate as they do today and account details i.e. account numbers, sort code and Online Banking details remain the same. Customers can still write to us at the same address, call us on the same telephone number and the people that customers speak to on a daily basis will also be the same.

Individual customers are asked to contact us if they have any questions about our change of name.